Read What Some of Our Patients Have Said About Us!

Many studies have shown how chiropractic and health services can help with so many conditions. At All About Wellness, we have observed an incredible number of positive improvements in children and adults who come in for treatment. Here is what some of our patients are saying:

  • "Dr Neary is a great Dr, very knowledgeable and attentive to the patient needs."
    Daniel S
  • "I don't spend time writing many reviews, but the experience I've had with Dr. Neary has been so helpful! I damaged my knee during a fall and went to a number of locations/specialists to get that looked at. Before proceeding down a path of expensive tests, I decided to try Dr. Neary because many of the others in my household have been helped by his care. I'm so glad I did! It took a few months of care and rehab, but the knee is doing so much better and the plan/instructions provided have helped all along the way."
    Dan J
  • "Dr Neary is the best. They treated my wife for a Cervical bulging disc and the results were amazing. She was suppose to have surgery for this condition recommended by a Neurosurgeon but we decided to seek for a second opinion and God guided us to to All About Wellness. He used Dr Neary to bring healing to my wife. We are so thankful to God and Dr. Neary for my wife’s healing. Thank you Dr Neary for your wisdom and heart of service. God bless"
    Evertsz N
  • "Came into the office with lower back pain. The staff was very welcoming and Doctor Neary explained my condition completely and how he was going to help me. I had been to several chiropractors prior and he has been the best by far. He truly cares about you"
    John W
  • "I am visiting for about 3 years now. The treatment is amazing . My lower back was is bad shape and I was not able to walk straight. With regular and planned treatment I am a lot better now. I do not feel any more pain in day to day activities and my lower back strength is increasing every session. Dr. Neary is excellent and the treatment is always planned and executed perfectly.
    I definitely recommend to everyone who need an excellent chiropractor"
    Amit T
  • "Our whole family uses Dr. Neary’s chiropractic services, even the 12 yr old, when needed. He is knowledgeable, friendly and gets you back to enjoying the things you love. He has corrected many of our ailments. We would highly recommend this practice to anyone and the staff is lovely too!"
  • "Awesome chiropractor! I have seen Dr. Neary for several years and he has helped me tremendously. Highly recommend!"
    Priscilla S
  • "Normally I don’t write reviews. One day I was in excruciating pain and reached out to Dr. Neary’s office, I was accommodated and given an appointment same day by the courteous staff up there. I have visited several chiropractors but I have not seen any progress with the treatments that was provided but Dr. Neary and his staffs have been very compassionate, honest, helpful and I am very thankful to them. I totally see the progress. Absolutely wonderful level of service! I would recommend them to my friends in the blink of an eye. So don’t wait too long to get the right care. All about wellness is the right place for the right care."
    Buncke D
  • "I have complicated issues from separate lower back and neck injuries. I have been to many different chiropractors over the years, but have never been to a chiropractor like Dr Neary before. Dr Neary was recommended by my neurologist. Dr Neary has more knowledge about neurology and has many different treatments than any chiropractor I have ever seen. I am finally getting results! If you have complicated issues or are just interested in seeing how chiropractic can enhance your life and well being, please give Dr Neary a try. His gentle approach an expertise will serve you and your family well. Also, I need to mention that the doctor’s assistant Cindy will make you feel at home when you visit. Come on, give them a call and make an appointment."
    Brian D
  • "Dr. Neary is the best chiropractor I've found. He's a bit of a drive for me but every time I try someone closer I'm disappointed. His treatment is very gentle (I'm not at all a fan of the way most chiropractors adjust the neck) and very effective!"
    Liz D
  • "I went to Dr. Neary when I over exerted myself working out. I had sever lower back pain and tightness. Dr. Neary is very thorough and always tells you why he is performing certain treatments. He has an overall concern about your health - not just the specific injury being treated. His assistant is very helpful, and the office atmosphere is relaxed and accommodating to all schedules."
  • "I've had back problems for many years, and after six treatments by Dr. Nearly, my back has never felt so good!"
    Fred H
  • "Dr. Neary is the best of the best. I have tried several chiropractors and he is the only one that has been able to effectively solve my lower back problem. He is a very kind, compassionate person that sincerely cares about his patients’ health and is a consummate professional. His treatments go beyond the usual “crack your back” that others use and he customizes the treatment techniques to your individual problem. And, how many chiropractors are progressive and skilled enough to work with a Neurologist?? Make an appointment today, you won’t regret it!"
    Hal R
  • "Dr. Neary has been to me, a lifesaver. I was facing surgery for bulging discs in my lower back when I was referred to him by my Neurologist. In a matter of just a few weeks I went from not being able to sit, stand or lie down without extreme pain, to being able to enjoy life again. His treatment of my condition was informed, well planned and expertly executed. After just 2 months my pain was gone! MRI scans showed that my condition had reversed itself and in less than 3 months I was playing golf again. Something I did not think would ever happen. This man is a healer. He has treated many world class athletes and helped them recover from what could have been career ending injuries. Just look at the autographed photos with notes of thanks on his walls! I can, without reservation recommend him to anyone that is seeking extraordinary care and expert therapy in a highly professional environment. Thank you Dr. Neary. You gave me my life back!"
    John F
  • "I was referred here by my neurologists because of the bad migraines, neck and lower back pains I was experiencing from the effects of an accident. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the treatment plan that Dr. Neary created exclusively for me, I would still be experiencing terrible migraines and dependent upon the medication my Neurologist also prescribed. He's not your typical Chiropractor. He genuinely cares and listens to his patients, which allows him to customize a care plan specific to meet your needs. He has a well equipped, modern office which allows him to use a variety of modalities to help you get back on track to a pain free life."
    Leeza B
  • "Dr. Neary is many things, educated, conservative, knowledgeable, available, a great educator and most of all he is caring! I recently had a crisis and Dr. Neary followed up with me and encouraged me when I did not have the energy or strength to move forward. As a nurse of 39 years, I so appreciate the fact that he works with the body and understands all aspects of healing."
    Don J
  • "I've been visiting Dr. Neary for several weeks now due to neck and lower back issues. Dr. Neary has helped me feel significantly better through a combination of treatments. I now have full range of motion in my neck and no more shooting pain down my leg from my lower back. I'm very happy and look forward to continued improvment!"
    Spencer H
  • "Dr. Neary is the best! I was looking for a chiropractor in the area and was looking for one that could handle my sensitive neck issues. I played football for many years and have Degenerative Disc(s) in my neck that were causing painful muscle contractions in my back. Dr Neary works very softly with my neck to adjusts individual disks. No big jerking motion that I have experienced with other Chiropractors. I really feel a lot better and will continue treatment with Dr Neary."
  • "Dr. Neary is a fantastic chiropractor. I had been to a chiropractor before and had limited results. I had severe lower back pain and was having trouble with mobility in general, even difficulty getting out of bed every day. In working with Dr. Neary I found out I had significant curvature and rotation in my spine in my lower back. But, with Dr. Neary's schedule of treatments and recommended exercises I saw improvement quickly and continue to feel good today.

    After only two treatments I was able to walk with hardly any pain for the first time in months. He has a great way with his patients and is very professional and personable. I recommend Dr. Neary and All About Wellness!"
  • "I originally came to Dr. Neary out of desperation and on recommendation from a friend. I had seen doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, acupuncturists and anyone else I could think of to help me get rid of the terrible nerve pain I had in my neck. I couldn't look up, my arm was numb. My hand always tingling. I actually cried in Dr. Neary's office to help me when I first met him and that he was my last resort. Well I should have saved myself the time, energy and money and come to see him first. Within 3 months I was completely back to my old self and had no more pain in my neck. I had forgotten what it was like to feel normal again. For all those people who doubt the magic of chiropractors, you will change your mind if you see Dr. Neary. If I could give more than 5 stars I would."
    Laura K
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Neary."
    Raam V
  • "Dr Neary and his staff have been life savers for me. I went in with a diagnosis from another doctor basically suggesting I'd have to endure a life of random back/limb pain with medications to manage it. Dr. Neary treated me for 3 weeks extensively and by the end of that period I was hiking with my family and walking every day. And moving off all medications! Periodic visits keep me healthy and moving easily. The staff is geniune, kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Neary and his team"
    Trish B
  • "I started visiting Dr. Neary's office recently because of persistent, painful headaches. Within a few weeks/visits, the pain had started to subside. I have always had a pleasant experience in the office as well. The staff is genuinely friendly, helpful and accommodating with my schedule. I truly appreciate the great service and feeling of much better health since beginning with Dr. Neary's office/treatment."
    Natalie Y. / Suwanee, GA
  • "I am a long time patient of Dr. Anthony J. Neary. He is a great chiropractor! He is located in Alpharetta in a great location and his staff are friendly and kind. I recommend Dr. Neary to anyone who may need a chiropractor. He provides wonderful care!"
    Patricia M. / Cumming, GA
  • "I've suffered from upper back and neck pain since a high school football injury. Chiropractic care at All About Wellness has allowed me to stay pain free. It had been a few years since I'd been to a chiropractor and my pain came back and was excruciating. Once I started visiting Dr. Neary on a regular basis, I've been able to live a normal pain free life."
    Brian S. / Cumming, GA
  • "Dr. Neary and staff are Exceptional, High Quality Service, Professional, Extremely Caring, Wonderful Doctor and staff.I brag to all of my Family and Friends you must try him. Erika"
    Erika L.
  • "So many great things to say about All About Wellness. The Dr & staff members are incredibly nice and Dr. Neary has done wonders for my pain. When I 1st saw him, I could barely move and was in constant pain with my back and neck. After even the 1st visit, I could tell a huge difference and my headache that I had for months prior went away. I have been seeing him a couple times a week for several weeks and I am happy to say my back and neck have both felt SO much better. Dr. Neary and his staff truly care about each patient and their main goal is to get you to a point of healthy living and a pain free life! They are the best!"
    Ashley B.
  • "Very professional and helped ease my neck and back pain.."
    Tim J.
  • "Have been coming here for 2 years, Dr. Neary is very knowledgeable and has helped me with my scolocis to live a better life. Girls in office are very helpful and kind."
    Sue C.
  • "I came with complaints due to my carpal tunnel, and learned a great deal about the causes of the pain which no doctor had taken time to explain. The treatment address all the bigger issues and I feel that I am listened to as I explain my concerns. The staff is very friendly and caring following Doctor's calm and caring demeanor. At each step of the treatment they are constantly asking how I am doing and feeling. I am feeling better with each visit. I would highly recommend this practice."
    Debby S.
  • "Dr. Neary has done wonders for my back and neck in just a few short visits. I was referred by my girlfriend and so glad I took her advise and made my appointment."
    Vickie R.
  • "All About Wellness has a good mix of being professional but remaining friendly as well. I have been coming to Dr. Neary for 6 years and can't imagine going anywhere else. I would recommend anyone suffering from chiropractic issues to make an appointment at All About Wellness."
    Veronica L.
  • "I have been coming to Dr. Neary for about 7 years. What I like and what is different about Dr. Neary is that he doesn't just "crack" your neck and back. He uses conservative but successful methods in his treatment. I have had traction, physical therapy, and electrical stimulation as part of treatment. But it is the time he spends with his patients that is the best part about coming here. He wants to truly help you improve and needs to understand what it is that is hurting you and what is causing causing your issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone with neck and back issues who wants to feel better!"
    Renee J.
  • "I first started seeing Dr Neary for chronic lower back pain more than 4 years ago. I didn't realize how much I hurt until I no longer did! I recommend Dr Neary to everyone I know -- his treatments have truly enhanced my quality of life."
    Kathy F.
  • "All About Wellness has been a great help to my family over the last couple years. All 5 of my family members have been treated for various issues, with excellent results."
    James H.
  • "As a tennis player and PreK teacher my back becomes easily stressed. The therapies used by Dr. Neary have allowed me to continue working and continue an active lifestyle. I feel the traction has been especially helpful."
    Anthea O.
  • "For longer than I can remember, I have struggled with pain in my neck and shoulders. Finding the right Chiropractic care became increasing important as I needed effective and long lasting results from treatment. All About Wellness has proven to be truly offer the best treatment for me to date. Improvement in my range of motion in the neck, relaxation of the shoulder muscles, and relief from pain were experienced in a short period of time and I continue to improve. The staff is friendly, caring, and professional. It's truly a great place and I am grateful for their services."
    Blynthia H.
  • "Been coming for years Dr Neary is the best"
    Gray A.
  • "Dr. Neary has been instrumental in making my back pain go away and generally making me feel better! His staff is always very friendly and provide great service. I highly recommend them."
    Tracy G.
  • "Have had great results for both neck and back pain issues. Dr. Neary has followed up by phone and email to gauge progress also as I recovered from surgery. Very pleased w/ his treatment and office staff."
    Jeff R.
  • "I would recommend a friend"
    S D.
  • "I am not a big fan of having my back cracked so I was nervous about starting another chiropractic program. However, after a back injury and subsequent shoulder injury, I was pretty desperate for relief! When I saw Dr. Neary he approached things differently. Knowing I didn't liked traditional adjustments, he catering my treatments for my specific issues and tolerance. It is amazing the difference I feel after each appointment. What I also like is when other chiropractors want you to come in all the time. Dr. Neary works to get you to a maintenance plan as soon as possible. This practice has been the best solution for me!"
    Stacy G.
  • "I have really enjoyed and am pleased with the level of service I have received from All About Wellness. The responded to all my questions and needs with thoughtful, insightful answers/solutions."
    Mark W.

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