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Read Our Recent Patient Reviews From Patients

At All About Wellness, we pride ourselves on making sure every patient reaches their optimum health and nutritional goals. Below are a few recent reviews we've received from patients who follow our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/allaboutwellness).

"Dr Neary is the most knowledgeable, compassionate and concerned chiropractor I have ever worked with. He manages to stay balanced between mainstream and natural health in his practice. Recently I have had an acute situation that he has helped me navigate, has educated me along the way and even sent daily emails to encourage me and kick my cyber butt to do what I need to do. As a nurse of 40 years - if you need a conservative, gentle chiropractor, this is the place to be!" ~ Karen T.

"Lower back pain from a Zumba move gone wrong... What to do?? See Dr. Anthony Neary at All About Wellness. Over the course of the last 2 months I've been seeing him and the results have been amazing. He uses an activator so i didn't have any of that crazy cracking! Traction and lower back stimulation. You have back pain? He's great to use! Add a little deep blue oil and, well, it's magic!" ~ Mary F.

"4 years ago I had a microdiscetomy on my L5/S1 disc. I was fine until the pain all came back again about a year ago. I did PT, took too many meds, had an epidural and nothing would make it go away. It got worse. I knew I needed surgery again but two friends suggested I see a chiropractor named Dr. Anthony Neary before I went back to my surgeon. He helped both of them with their neck issues so I made an appt. I was VERY skeptical. After a few months of treatment (and another epidural) my disc/sciatic pain was gone! He is awesome! Y'all, I could barely walk when I started going there. This is the only time I've ever believed a Dr. cared about getting me completely healed. This isn't masking the pain or putting a band aid on the problem-this is FIXING what was broken. 

Pain will make you a little crazy and you feel helpless. There were many times he calmed me down and explained in great detail what my injury was, what I'm doing to aggravate it, and how it can be fixed. Being armed with knowledge really is powerful and helped my healing process. (Physical AND mental)
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Neary for any spinal issues you have.

I forgot to mention-it's not the typical chiropractic place where they pull, pop, stretch and do crazy aggressive (and painful) moves. This is gentle and the opposite of what I thought it was going to be.

(And Sherry at his office is the best!)

~ Kelley C. 

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